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Established in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a premier developer and manufacturer of key electronic components not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world.
Key Products:  MLCCs: Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) are general-type capacitors that store electric charge temporarily and remove noise. They have a structure in which dielectric layers and internal nickel electrode layers are interlaminated; Power Inductors: Inductors are surface-mounting–type parts made through a multilayer process, a winding process, and a thin film process. They are passive components that display inductance and are mainly used for the smoothing of power circuits, the impedance matching of RF circuits, the L-C filters, and the LC resonant circuits; Chip Resistors: Chip resistors limit DC or AC and are used to drop the voltage or maintain the current at a certain level inside an electronic circuit.
Distributor partners:  Arrow, Avnet, DigiKey, Future, Integra, Mouser, Newark, Rutronik

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