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A world class manufacturer of Circuit Protection, Position and Temp Sensing, Power Semiconductor products designed to Protect, Control and Sense todays electronics. 
Core Products: Fuses, TVS/foldback diodes, Port protection arrays, GDTs, MOVs, battery strap, E-fuses, UL 1449
IXYS: Mosfets (Trench, SJ, planar); IGBT – XPT up to 4.5KV; BiMosfets; SMPD pack multichip (phase leg & boost); SiC
FETs & Diodes; Si Rectifier diodes; 3 ph bridges; FREDs; SCRs; power stacks & subsystems; Gate drivers; SSRs
C&K: Switches: tactile, detect, pushbutton, rotary, key, switch lock, slide & dip, custom assemblies; autoclavable
US Sensor & Hamlin: Reed switch sensors & assemblies;  NTC Temperature sensor assemblies (probe, strap, lug, etc)
Distributor Partners: Arrow, DigiKey, Fuses Unlimited, Future, Master, Mouser, Newark, TTI

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